Newwave Media srl



Main fields of operation:
Business / marketing translations (websites, brochures, advertising copy, newspaper articles, and press releases)
Technical translations (manuals, patents, certificates, technical specifications, safety plans, assessments)
Legal translations (contracts, balances, company documents, notarial deeds, judgements)
Specific translations (medical translations, translation of texts on architecture, art, fashion)
If required, Acca Traduzioni provides an upload area for sending and receiving large documents.



Acca Traduzioni provides qualified and discreet interpreters to assist at private and business meetings or to manage communication at conventions.
Acca Traduzioni provides interpreting services for:
Negotiations: to facilitate direct dialogue during company meetings, or during private negotiations
Chuchotage: from the French word chuchoter, which means ‘to whisper.’ This technique is used in conferences with a limited number of foreign participants, or on television, in which the speaker's speech is whispered into the ear of the listener
Consecutive: the most common type of oral translation of a speaker. This technique used in conferences with a limited number of foreign speakers
Simultaneous: oral translation performed in real-time by a pair of interpreters in a cabin simultaneously with the speaker's speech, usually at international conferences. If necessary, Acca Traduzioni takes care of hiring of special equipment (booths, microphones and headphones), as well as identifying suitable conference sites for you here in Venice.



Do you need to submit translations of certificates, licences or deeds to public administration offices or courts? Or perhaps certify your translations for use overseas? Then you need a certified or legalised translation or an Apostille. Acca Traduzioni will provide you with all the relevant information and take care of the bureaucracy to provide you with an officially legal document recognised in Italy or abroad.



Feeling left behind when it comes to foreign languages? Leave it to Acca Traduzioni!
We will help you to improve your knowledge of a foreign language by organising individual and group courses to suit your level and requirements, also with reference to technical languages. . Acca Traduzioni offers bespoke courses in Italian for foreigners, English, German, Spanish, French and other languages upon request: the start date, frequency and duration of the course will be established in line with your needs.

News: Our professionals are now ready and waiting to welcome our littlest language fans! Help with homework and revision is on hand for children and students who want or need to improve their foreign language skills.